Friday, July 31, 2009

16 weeks

Alexis is 16 weeks old today! Hard to believe she's no longer my little "peanut"! I estimate her weight around 13lbs and length around 24 inches...that's 7lbs and 5 1/2 inches more than she was 16 weeks ago!

She's smiling and laughing all the time now. She's still a little wobbly with her head, especially when she's sleepy, but she gets better everyday. She can flip from her tummy to her back, and can almost turn from her back to her tummy...those darn arms just get in her way! Her hands are her favorite toy, and they are always in her mouth. We think she may be teething as she's been a drool faucet for the last 5 or 6 weeks and the sucking on her hands has become more and more frequent. Lexi hates her paci...and will only suck on it for less than a minute before spitting it out, preferring her hands, or mommy's shoulder!

She's been getting rice cereal in her last bottle before bed since she was 2 months old and we've began to give her some on the spoon at least once a day. She's averaging 25 - 30 ounces a day but still doesn't sleep through the night. Waking up at 2:30 am is starting to wear on us. I really hope that as more solids are introduced to her, she'll start sleeping more at night.

She loves her activity gym that her Auntie Bridget bought her. She'll lay there for at least 30 minutes playing with the fishes before she gets bored and wants to do something else.

Lexi loves people! She'll happily go to anyone that we pass her too, all smiles and giggles. I'm sure this will change as she gets older and her "stranger" stage starts. Well that's all for now, I'll update later with her 16 week pictures. I have to wait until she wakes up from her nap before I can take them!

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JJ said...

Happy 16 weeks, sweet girl! (start sleeping through the night for mommy and daddy! Love Auntie JJ)