Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling she's not rolling THAT much...but my baby girl did roll over for the first time today from her tummy to her back. DH had put her down in her crib for a nap on her tummy, like we always do, we heard her fussing on the monitor about wake up time...but then the fussing turned to coos and laughs...she had flipped herself onto her back and was cooing at the fish mobile we have hanging on her crib! My little baby is getting so big! <8'(
Lexi was also Baptized last Sunday. She was good the whole Mass...until they poured that cold water on her head...then she cried. But only for a little while. Here are some pics to enjoy!

Lexi smiling up at Daddy

Lexi and her Godfather

Our priest, Godfather, Godmother (also my sister), me and DH


The princess...the dress she wore is an Irish Linen heirloom. It's 65 years old and every baby born into our family in the last 65 years has been baptized in it. The picture doesn't do it justice.


Photogrl said...

Beautiful pictures!

Fertilized said...

Congrats! She is Gorgeous ..and wow that dress! Amazing

KimboSue said...

YAY for rolling over! What a gorgeous dress! and YAY for family heirlooms!

Denise said...

Go Lexi!

Kate said...

I love that gown!! We're going to be in Lemont to have Emily baptized in Early August.

JJ said...

Love the pictures!