Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Third day in a row!

Wow...this back to work thing has paid off in that I have time again to post! Though I'm sure everyone's tired of hearing me say how much I miss my lil punkin!

Anywoo, Lexi slept through the night again last night! Woo Hoo!! She didn't nap much throughout the day for her auntie, so she was a bit fussy last night...but I gave her a bath (have I told you how much she LOVES her bathtime??!!), gave her a bottle, and we rocked on the rocker and sang songs until she was just about to doze off. I put her down in her crib about 10:20...and she slept until 4:45! I think we're finally getting past the nighttime craziness we were having! Though DH gets out of a feeding, since I do bedtime AND I'm the one up at 4:30! I may have to get him to do bedtime a few nights!

Lexi's baptism (see...this is why I asked my previous question) is on Sunday. We have family coming in from out of state that will be staying with my in laws, and with us. I'm on vacation next week from work! Woo Hoo! I need it (lol)! Lexi will be wearing a 65 year old linen gown with Irish shamrocks on it. This gown has been worn by every baby born into the family for the last 65 years! I found little shoes with shamrocks that match, and a bib that matches as well. I'll post pictures afterwards.


Katie said...

What a cool gown to wear. I bet it's adorable.

Kami said...

I can count on one hand the number of times LB has slept that long and she is 6 times older!

It is a mixed blessing going back to work, isn't it? I tend to blog / read blogs at work and I really shouldn't because I am always behind.

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