Thursday, April 2, 2009


OK this is really embarrassing but I'm putting it out there as I really want this blog to include everything in my pregnancy. Along with the elephant ankles, I've also developed really stinky sweaty feet. Now, my feet never really sweated too much before, and didn't really ever "STINK"...but lately, LOOK OUT! OMG! My feet have been sweating SO much, and the could knock anyone on their behinds! Yesterday, I had been at home, so my shoes were off most of the day. When DH got home, I asked him to please rub my feet in an effort to try to get some of the fluid circulating and out of there...well, I guess my feet reeked, because the look on DH's face when I put them in his lap...even now, sitting at work, my feet are all sweaty, and I know if I try to kick off my shoes to cool them off I'll "smoke out" all my co-workers. I've even brought baby powder with me...but it isn't helping.

I know another blogger wrote about her smelly feet, but I can't remember who it was. Anyone have any assvice for me?


KimboSue said...

Mine aren't stinky, but very sweaty! yesterday I was wearing flip flops and they were sweating like crazy! Really? They are 98% exposed to only air!!!

Jen said...

I can't help with that, but I can say that I am definitely hotter and sweat more since Elizabeth. (In other words, it didn't go away. It got better from pregnancy though.)

Mel said...

It was mE! Mine stank!
Baby powder or Gold Bond powder all the way!