Monday, April 6, 2009

Jibber jabber

We had our second installment of our 4D ultrasound this weekend...Baby Girl was still not cooperating. She's head down and was FAST asleep. No amount of juice, cold water or jiggling of the belly would rouse her...but wouldn't you know...2 minutes AFTER we left she was WIDE AWAKE. I think she was playing possum. She doesn't want mom & dad to know what she "looks like" until she's born. So we only got profile shots again. The tech said we could come back and try again, but given our history with u/s and Baby Girl's stubbornness, we declined and took the pictures and DVD that they made. I'll try to update the Baby Pics link on the sidebar sometime this week with new pics and maybe even part of the video.

Remember I said that my sister inherited the creative gene in the family? She proved it once again yesterday when she came over to take my maternity photos for me. She's taken photography classes in college and has one of those fancy schmancy cameras that can take pictures at lightning speed. So I had asked her if she was willing...and she was. We previewed the pics on the computer, but she's going to do some in black and white for well as photoshop out some of those UGLY red stretch marks. I'm VERY grateful to have a sister who is creative like she is. I just feel bad because I know I won't be able to do the same for her when her time comes...sure, I'll do everything for her that I can...but I'm not the crafty type. I can barely put together a scrapbook, let alone anything else! But I know she doesn't do these things because she thinks they'll be reciprocated. I know she's genuinely excited to become an auntie. When I get the CD from her, I'll post some pics.

Next order of business. And this may be TMI for some, so feel free to skip. This morning when I woke up and went to the bathroom, there was an itty bitty bit of blood on the tp when I wiped. The best way to describe it is a pin head sized bloody booger. That was at 5:00 this morning. Haven't had anything since. I'm not freaking out about it, as I've had no cramping or contractions...and Baby Girl is moving around as I type this. Just was weird.

Got me thinking as to whether or not I'll actually KNOW when the time comes. I mean I'm barely 36 weeks. But all my family thinks I'll have her in April...with my mom picking April 20th! They all picked a date. My sister picked the 26th, DH the 27th. My dad picked May 1st...and he was the latest. I can't remember the dates my in-laws picked. Maybe I should start my own Baby Pool!


Fertilized said...

Stubborn baby! SHe just wants to be a suprise ;)

Yah for crafy sisters.

I think a baby pool is a great idea

Jen said...

Elizabeth did the same thing. We tried four times to get her 4-D ultrasound pictures. No go.

Mr. Shelby said...

I cannot wait to get to the point for Shelby and I to do a 4d ultrasound. Those pictures are amazing.

Blood is always scary, no matter how little. I'm glad everything is ok.

We'd be in our doctors office every day for an ultrasound if they let us. Hang in there!