Saturday, April 25, 2009

2 weeks

Yesterday was Alexis' 2 week birthday. I'm still having a hard time believing this is all real and not just a dream. That she's really here to stay. I was singing to her the other day and just got all choked's probably hormones, but I know alot of it is the realization that a dream of mine has come true. I'm a mom. Never thought I'd be able to say that!

Anyway, as of last Monday, Lexi had gained 6 1/2 ozs. So she now weighs approx 6lbs 6 1/2 ozs. We went out and bought her some premeeie clothes, since alot of the newborn ones don't quite fit yet. Some do, but she swims in others.

I'm also having a hard time healing. I'm still bleeding bright red and (TMI alert) the other night passed a large gob of least I think it was was stringy so I don't think it was a clot. It was the size of an egg yolk, and that's only the part that didn't fall into the toliet. I have an appointment on Monday to see my OB, and he prescribed a med for me to help clean out my uterus. I also don't think my stitches are healing right. They still bleed and are very sore. I guess it could be the fact that I didn't really "take it easy" after I went home from the hospital. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't lifting heavy objects or walking miles...but I just didn't sit on my butt all day either.
Anyway, DH and I are supposed to go see the White S0x play tonight, and my mom is going to babysit Lexi. Hopefully, we don't get rained out!

Here are some pics from the last week or so of Lexi...

Lexi's first Easter...the day after we came home from the hospital.

Just chillin' in Daddy's arms.

Just lookin' cute!


Fertilized said...

I am sorry you are still healing. She is a gorgeous lil thing

Denise said...

She's such a cutie. Keep the pictures coming!

Mel said...

Cute baby!!! Glad things are going so great with her. :)
I wish you a speedy recovery, you sweet girl.

KimboSue said...

OMG she has SO MUCH hair! She is too cute as an Easter bunny baby! Congrats!