Wednesday, April 1, 2009

35 weeks

Just got back from my 35 week appointment:

B/P: 128/74
Weight Gain: 3lbs for a total of 11lbs all together
Baby's Est Weight: 5lbs 9oz! She's a porker! LOL

I also did an NST. It was amazing to hear her heartbeat for 30 minutes...and hear everytime she moved. Since my placenta is anterior (in front) I don't feel as many of her kicks and punches as I would if the placenta was in the back. But man...she didn't like the monitor...she kept moving around and I felt all of it. The best part was when she got the hiccups...I could hear the hiccup on the monitor and feel it at the same time. Her heartrate ranged from the 140s to the 170s during the monitoring time. Then she went to sleep and her heartrate stayed right around 155. I also got to see her on u/s. She's SO big! I did get to see her swallowing (hence the hiccups) and moving around. I do have one pic of her, but it's not a good one...but I'll upload it later anyway.

I can't believe she's almost here!


Jen said...

Great! Things are going so well!

I cannot wait!

Delenn said...

Glad to hear things going so smoothly!