Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shower thank yous

Can you believe that I have my shower thank yous all done? Yep, just finished them this morning...well sort of...I cheated. I didn't hand write the cards...instead I printed them off on card stock. And they aren't personalized either. Here is the saying on the thank though Baby Girl was sending them:

I'm really glad you could come help shower my mother, sit down, relax, enjoy yourselves and chat with one another.
Sorry I couldn't be with you to share in mommy's shower, but you see I'm very busy cause I'm growing more each hour.
Thought I'm not here to thank you for the special gift you brought, my parents and I are grateful. We appreciate the thought.
I'll be arriving shortly, I'm as happy as can be. So after I've been home awhile, please come visit me!
All my love,
Baby Girl (and mommy and daddy)

I found this online awhile back and just FELL IN LOVE with it. It's from a site that says to copy and paste it onto your thank yous, so I'm not worried about copyrights. DH and I will sign each one individually (ok so that part isn't done yet) and I still need to print my mailing labels (need to get more labels!).

34 week appointment is later this afternoon, so I'll post more then...and hopefully will be able to post pics...though I don't have many as the person that was supposed to be taking pics with my camera sort of didn't.

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Jen said...

Oh, such a cute thank you!