Friday, March 6, 2009

Dear Alexis,

The last 31 weeks have gone by so quickly for mommy. As we get closer to meeting eye to eye, instead of foot to ribs, mommy just wants you to know what daddy and I experienced to bring you into this world.

You'll learn very quickly from grandma and grandpa that mommy and daddy have been waiting for you for a very long time. When daddy and I got married, on that beautiful beach in Maui, you were already on our minds and in our hearts. We often thought about when you would decide to come to us, and we weren't always patient. But we always thought of you with love in our hearts and hope that that year would be the year we would get to meet you. Years went by, and mommy was a little sad that you stayed away, daddy too. We tried everything we could to bring you to us. Mommy had surgery and took all kinds of shots...then, 31 weeks ago, mommy got a call from the doctor who told me that you had come. I can't tell you how happy I was to hear that news. Mommy started crying she was so happy. Daddy cried to...and so did grandma and grandpa. We were all so happy that you decided to join our family. Mommy still gets weepy sometimes when I feel you move inside my tummy, I'm that happy you're here.

I know there will be times, as you get older, that you may think mommy and daddy are "being mean" because we tell you "no"...but, Baby Girl, just know that we love you more than life itself. Mommy and Daddy would do anything to protect you and give you everything you deserve in life. You are truly our miracle baby, and we will never, for even a second, forget how special that makes you.

With all the love in the world,



KimboSue said...

That is an amazing letter. I hope she cherishes it always.

Jen said...


You can poke her in the ribs when she's born, to get some revenge.

Anonymous said...

omg - I have tears in my eyes... that's a beautiful letter.