Monday, March 16, 2009


So for those of you who have had your showers...did you get anything for the people who threw you the shower to say thank you? My mom and sister have put in alot of time and energy into planning our upcoming shower, and I almost feel like I should get them something to say "Thank you"...your input is appreciated!


Jen said...

I have heard that people give presents/small tokens after showers to thank for the throwing of such. Perhaps get them a picture frame (you know, for all those pictures of the baby that they will soon want to display) or maybe take them to lunch to say thank you.

seussgirl said...

I gave my shower-throwers a small package of B&BW hand soaps. Not much, but just a "thank you." :)

A said...

I asked the same question on my blog before my showers and got some good ideas.

I ended up getting my close friend a candle that I know she loves. And the two who threw my other shower some decadent, expensive hot chocolate from a specialty chocolate shop in town. With thank you cards, of course.

Mel said...

I always give hostess gives when people have thrown my showers! I gave one friend personalized stationary for hosting my bridal shower and this last go round I gave my baby shower hostess a gift certificate for a massage.
Candles, lotions, anything girly, ALWAYS a good bet!
Cannot believe your baby shower is almost here!!!

Fertilized said...

I gave a $10 star$'s gift cards and/or bath and Body works lotions.

If it's your family - Maybe take them out for a meal if you want

KimboSue said...

My friends/family shower was hosted by my 3 BFF's and my sister. I ordered personalized cutting boards from here -

For my neighborhood shower, I bought them my favorite candle from Circle E candles.