Monday, March 16, 2009


I have learned my lesson people. I will NOT be spending anymore days walking the mall. It results in too much discomfort.

Saturday, I met my mom at 8:45am for some shopping. I got everything I wanted...something to wear to my shower (OMG, that's THIS Sunday??), new shoes, 2 pairs, as my gymmies just aren't nice enough and none of my other shoes fit. The sling I registered one has bought it yet, and a different store close to my mom's had it for less $ than BRU. 2 outfits for Lexi, as I can't buy for me without buying for her. I'm in trouble if she comes out and is actually a "he". A jacket for my DH, since I didn't want him to feel left out. And a CD that plays baby noises, crying, temper tantrums, "talking" play for my 2 dogs so they get used to the noises that are soon to enter their world. In all, I only spent $100...not bad. Told you I've become a bargain shopper!

But when I got home and sat down on the couch at about 5:00, I couldn't move without pain. Everything hurt. My feet, my back, my legs...the round ligament pain in my vajayjay was unreal. I didn't want to move. I will NOT be doing that again.

Yesterday, DH and I just spent the day enjoying the 60 degree weather the Midwest is enjoying right now. Don't be's going to drop back into the 40s by Wednesday.


Jen said...

Our dogs paid absolutely no attention to the baby noises. In the night, Trin dog would sleep by the crib and whine when the baby woke up, to tell me that the baby needed me. But other than that, they didn't seem to notice.

Chelle said...

Great bargains! Sorry it wore on you so much! R & R!

KimboSue said...

I did the same thing yesterday, only it was only an hour and half at the grocery store. And I had never had RLP before - now I know what you go through. OMG it was unbearable. Poor DH had to unload and put away everything by himself.

Oh and it's 76 here today - don't be jealous :0)

KimboSue said...

Meant to ask you where you got the cd for your pups?