Monday, March 31, 2008

On Sabbatical no more

She didn't show up at the hit of the publish button...instead she waited until Saturday morning to grace me with her presence. I went to give blood in the morning and I failed the iron was then I knew she was on her way. As much as I expected AF to arrive this month, as she does every single month, I was a little dismayed that my mid cycle spotting wasn't an indicator for something else. Needless to say, I basked in some retail therapy on my way from Life Source.

One thing I'm doing this year is planting my climbing roses. I already have 2 plants ready to be put in the ground, but I've been afraid to plant them lest the Midwest is bequeathed another frost. So I spent Saturday morning perusing the garden departments of the local Wal Mar* and Men ards looking for trellis' for my roses to climb. The one I really liked was what I thought a simple wooden ladder trellis. But it was $50! I can't see spending $50 on a trellis. Maybe it's just me. So I'm left now with no trellis and 2 rose bushes I can't plant because it's darn near too cold yet!

DH spent the day yesterday reseeding our backyard mosh pit in the hopes of some greenery this summer. I thought it was funny to have both dogs come into the house, not only with muddy paws, but muddy seedy paws! Maybe his efforts will pay off and we'll have a beautiful lawn this can hope.


Jen said...

Climbing roses sound beautiful! I never plant much of a garden because we move too often.

Denise said...

Stupid AF.

Here's hoping for a beautiful lawn!

Waiting said...

Spring time makes everything a little better. I'm looking forward to planting, as well. We have a few rose bushes in our yard that we love.

Sorry AF showed. She sucks.

Familyof2 said...

Try craigslist for your trellis.

Sorry about AF...mine is messing with me too...grr. As in not coming...then maybe coming...then maybe not coming...its annoying.