Tuesday, November 12, 2013


So my doctor's appointment was scheduled for 3pm today...at 2:30, while I'm in the car, I get a phone call from his office stating that he was called away for a delivery and won't be back today.  WTF! 

I mean, I understand...but I had no idea he was now the ONLY doctor in the practice...there used to be 3 of them plus an NP.  Now it's just him.  And he's in his 70s. 

All the more reason for me to switch after the 1st of the year...but until then...I'm stuck! 

So now my appointment has been rescheduled for Thursday at 10:30.  Let's hope no one goes into labor...


Familyofthree said...

Ugh. That happened to me at "the baby factory" only I has sat in the waiting room for an hour AFTER my appointment was to start. Then happened again when we got Isaac circ'd, my doc had two women needing emergency c-sections. It never fails! Hopefully Thursday will be better.

Anonymous said...

I switched gynos last year because I was annoyed at the long wait times or canceled appointments due to deliveries. Mine is a gyno only now, no more OB crap. Which means I don't have to see any preggos either which is a bonus!
I hope tomorrow brings you some sort of answer.