Wednesday, November 13, 2013


For shits and giggles I POAS this morning with expected, it was negative.

So I went to's symptom checker...better than google right?...

Well, the number one thing that came up for me?  Ectopic Pregnancy.  Though I would think the absence of hCg in my system would rule that out....the other options:

Premature Ovarian Failure - basically menopause in someone younger than 40 (me)...what I'm thinking
Anorxia Nervosa -Um, me, I eat
Pregnancy - Don't think so
Hypopituitarism - yea, this one scares me as it's caused by some kind of brain infection or tumor

Not happy...

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Familyofthree said...

What was your FSH at your last IVF? If it was high that would be an indicator of premature ovarian failure that would lead to menopause.

As for the pituitary tumor-that would come with a bunch of additional symptoms that wouldn't have "just creeped up" Your prolactin would be elevated, you'd possibly be leaking breast milk, and you'd have headaches. So try not to borrow trouble by googling any more!