Friday, November 8, 2013

29 days

Today, AF is supposed to arrive.  Again.  I've officially missed an entire cycle...and I don't feel like she's imminent.  I'm starting to wonder if my doctor ran a quantitative HCG or if he just ran a qualitative one. 

My last AF was 9/11/13...and I average 29 days.  So I should have O'd on or around the 25th.  We did the deed on the 21st.  We also did the deed on the 5th, so if I O'd a week late, due to stress of the trip...

See where my mind is going? 

It shouldn't be going there because it's not possible...right?  I mean, we've been together 10 years...never used birth control and never got pregnant "unassisted". 

This is crazy.  Crazy.  I feel like I'm going crazy.  Because my face is broken out...and my jeans are snug...I'm craving salt like a mad woman...I'm going crazy.  Tuesday can't come soon enough!

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Familyofthree said...

Don't wait for Tuesday-call the doctors office and ask. On Tuesday ask if they can run another STAT so you will have some peace of mind.