Monday, November 11, 2013

The sick

The sick has invaded my house...

Lexi has been sick since Tuesday of last week...I kept her home Tuesday when she sounded like a frog.  Sent her on Wednesday when she seemed better...she made it through the 2.5 hours of class.  Thursday I sent her as well...but the nurse sent her home with a 101 fever and instructions on staying home until she's fever free for 24 hours.  So she'd been home.  With me.

Saturday I started feeling congested.  Sunday was just a waste...with me sitting on the couch watching first the Bears lose to the Lions...then the BlackHawks beat the Oilers.  Lexi sat with me most of the day.

Today, DH is off work for Veteran's Day...Lexi is at school, and I have to work.  Darn company doesn't recognize Veteran's Day as a holiday.  But the sick is still lingering.

No developments on the "other" front.  Face is broken out, jeans are snug, I smell everything...even being congested.  I see my doctor tomorrow. 

Chicken soup is in the crock pot for dinner tonight...and I'm salivating at the smell of it.  I love homemade chicken soup...I make my own broth and it's excellent!


Mary said...

I hope you feel better soon! ((((Hugs))))

Pepper said...

I hope you are feeling better. I am now going to have to get my soup in the crock pot since just the thought of yours is making my tummy rumble. :)