Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lexi's 18 month checkup

Lexi had her 18 month checkup today...

Height - 31 1/4 inches
Weight - 21lbs 5.5 ozs
Head - 44.7 cm

She grew about an inch and a half, but only gained a few ounces. The doctor is not concerned about this. He said at this age, they put more energy in getting taller than gaining weight. The good thing was he didn't disagree with my decision to take most dairy out of Lexi's diet. With whole milk, Lexi was constipated, which meant she wouldn't eat or sleep. She wasn't a happy girl. She was on Miralax and an anti reflux med.

Now? She's not on any meds. She poops on her own. She sleeps ALL night...about 11 - 12 hours each night. She EATS! She still has her days that she doesn't eat very much...but then there are days when she packs it away. The other day, she ate a whole P0rtillos hot dog...bun and all in one sitting, plus french fries. Now you might think that's nothing...but for her, that's huge...escpecially since it's only been in the last few weeks that she'll even entertain eating meat.

I'm so happy that I made the decision to put her on Almond Milk. It's really changed her. She's so much happier now...and so are we.


Amanda said...

I'm so glad she's doing so well, now!! Way to grow little one!

Denise said...

Holy crap! I can't believe she ate an entire hot dog. That's a lot of food in one sitting! Mmmm, Portillos.

Jamie said...

Wow! What a difference a few months (and some almond milk!) makes.

Good luck on your beta today!

Tina said...

YAY!! I remember my pedi said that between 18mo and 3yo they don't gain a lot of weight. Just as your pedi said, they are growing upwards rather than packing on the pounds.

Tina said...

Oh, and P O R T I L L O S!! I just found out that my keyboard is drool resistant. OMG, the Pacific NW doesn't have good Chicago food that I'm used to. Terrible pizza, they put mayo on their hot dogs - YES, mayo!! GROSS!!

Sooooo very jealous! I need to book a trip home to visit my mom.