Sunday, October 3, 2010


and I'm exhausted. I haven't moved from the couch with the exception of feeding Lexi and changing her. Luckily, she's very into books lately, so she brings me book after book and we read them together on the couch. Right now, she's sitting in her little recliner with a Curious George book...still in her monkey footie pajamas. Hey, we're on vacation this week.

So this week, here's what we're planning...whether or not we do it is another story:

*Pumpkin farm - hay rides, corn maze, corn pit, and of course picking pumpkins!
*Children's Museum - have been wanting to take her for the longest...she's finally old enough to really enjoy, we get in free.
*Aquarium - again, been dying to take her. And again, we get in free
*Zoo - they haven't started their Boo at the Zoo just yet...but we still might go. We're members, so again, it's free

Notice a trend there? We're trying to spend as little money as we can while still enjoying ourselves.

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Jamie said...

Free is ALWAYS good . . .