Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dear Baby

I know you're barely 3 weeks old at this point in your gestation, but I really hope you decide to stay for the next 36 weeks. You would have a wonderful big sister who would love you like crazy. Your daddy already talks about his hope that you're a boy and all the things he will teach you. And me...well, my heart is already yours little one.

I'm very scared that things aren't going the way they should. I know I shouldn't compare you to my pregnancy with your sister, but it's all I know, and I can't help it.

Please, please, please release a bunch more hcg for my blood test tomorrow. Mommy would LOVE to see a big increase.

Love you already,



Amanda said...

Praying for a doubling or better number for tomorrow & 36 or so more weeks!

s.e. said...

So raw and sweet, I got teary eyed for you. May all your dreams for this baby come true.

Thinking of you until you can feel only the joy.

Delenn said...

Congratulations, hon!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your BFP! Fantastic news. Hope you have a perfect healthy pregnancy and a perfect healthy baby in about 36 weeks time.

Jamie said...

Sending requests and wishes for a high, high, HIGH beta!!