Thursday, December 11, 2008


I feel like Scr00ge this year. I haven't talked much about Christmas...DH and I just aren't in the Christmas spirit. Every year I get the "winter" blahs, but usually enjoy traveling out to the local tree farm to select and cut our tree, decorating it and decorating the house. But not this year. This year our stockings are hung on the mantle, but only because I wanted to hang my dogs' stockings (yes, my dogs each have their own stocking) and mine and DHs were with them. I have no other decorations in my house. My tree is up, but has yet to be decorated. I water it every morning, and think, maybe today we'll put some lights on it...but we never do. I have TONS of outdoor decorations, but all of them are still safely stored away in the basement, save for some wreaths that were with the stockings that I hung on our outside lights.

I'm not really sure why we're just not into it this year. It could be partly because of the horrible's partially to blame for money being tight. I'm not sure. All I know is Christmas is 2 weeks away and I just today purchased gifts for my sister and her boyfriend. I haven't gotten DH anything yet, nor have we bought for my dad, his parents or any of the friends we are exchanging gifts with.

I really need to get into gear and get moving, but for some reason, it just doesn't feel right this year...and I can't explain it.


seussgirl said...

I'm right there, too. I started "getting ready" weeks ago, but then hit a slump. And just realized that I never finished and it's right around the corner!

I hope you can find some cheer this year. :)

journey to junior(ette) said...

i get the holiday blues every year. and it feels doubly bad when we are so happy to be pregnant - it just doesn't make sense. but for some reason, it happens. hang in there!

Chelle said...

I feel ya! I hope the spirit comes to us both! ... SOON!