Monday, September 8, 2008

Nothing new...

Nothing new to report. I still feel the occasional cramping...which makes me nervous and sends me to the bathroom EACH and EVERY time. The girls are still SUPER sore. I'm still on the PIO and suppositories as well as the Estraderm patches.

This weekend we attended my cousin's 2nd DS's baptism. Nothing out of the ordinary...except my one Aunt completely guessed that I was pg. We haven't told anyone except our parents, and a few friends about it, but I went to go to the bathroom (only the 2nd time) and I guess she guessed while I was gone, because when I got back, she was all smiles and DH was like, she guessed our secret! I asked her today how she guessed and she just said she's very observant...oh well, I did ask her not to say anything yet and she promised she wouldn't...except she already told my Uncle!

Other than that, I am counting down the days to Thursday's u/s. DH is going to try to take an early lunch so he can meet me there.


Chelle said...

Some people are so intuitive. Hopefully she doesn't spill the beans! Good luck at your u/s this week!

Jen said...

All my relatives guessed that I was pregnant for four years before I actually was. They were bound to be right eventually. :)

I had plenty of early cramping too. It was just stretching and nothing to worry about. (I mean, of course I did worry, but I didn't need to.)