Friday, March 2, 2012

Countdown to 3

I can't believe a month went by without so much as another post from me.  So much for keeping up with things. 

I'm calling it.  Lexi is potty trained.  She hasn't had a day time accident since that first weekend we started the "hard core" training...almost 4 weeks ago...she wakes from nap times dry and most mornings are dry as well.  Though we've still been having her wear a pull up over her undies to bed at night.  We call them her "just in case" undies.  And she knows that she's not to just go in them...that they are there in case she doesn't wake up or doesn't make it to the potty in time in the middle of the night.  She's not even wearing the thicker training pants anymore...preferring the normal's still amazing to me to see those tiny undies in the wash!  I'm so unbelievably proud of her...and grateful that this was "easy" for her.

We're also in the middle of planning her 3rd birthday party.  OMG!  Where has 3 years gone??  We're most likely doing 2 "kid" party and one family party.  The kid party is going to be her cousins and maybe the girls next door.  Lexi chose a pool party at the indoor pool nearby.  It's fairly inexpensive and they do structured activities with the kids in the shallow end of the pool (2ft) provide pizza and pop.  So I don't have to worry about 8 kids running around my house.  Then we'll do a family dinner...both grandparents and her auntie who is coming in from VA.  Nice and laid back. 

I have to say...I'm missing her babyhood a little.  She's so independent and opinionated (like me!).  She's spunky and bright.  We take her to our poker league and everyone just eats her up.  And she loves the attention.  She's so well behaved that I have to remind myself sometimes that she is only 2...especially when she does 2 year old things (like draw on her face with markers...if you know me on FB you saw it!).  She is very mature for her age and I keep waiting for the terrible 2s or even the torturous 3s.  But she's patient and willing to compromise like no other toddler I know.  I know how lucky I am...and I thank the good Lord above everyday for blessing me with the miracle that is Lexi.

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Anonymous said...

Her party sounds fun, and the marker face was FUNNY!