Monday, March 19, 2012

Mind dump

  • Please don't misconstue my previous post as a plea for comments.  I'm very content with what I get...I would love to find new people to read...and commenters are usually where I start...but I am content.  As I said, I write for me...and for Lexi.
  • It's been really warm here the last 5 days.  Hitting records warm.  We've been trying to take advantage of it.  We took Lexi to the zoo on Saturday and spent the day outside almost every other day this week.  Going to playgrounds, the park district pool etc. 
  • Yesterday I trimmed back the spireas we have in the front of our house.  My arms are all scratched up from the branches...and I have mosquito bites.  In March.  Wow.
  • Lexi had her 3 year old pictures taken on well as her Easter ones.  I left the CD at my I will post some later. 
  • Both dogs got baths on Friday night.  I took them to a self service pet wash one at a time.  They were filthy...and smelly.  Now they are soft and don't smell of mud and other things that are in the lawn.
  • Lexi is signed up for a tumbling class and ice skating class in the next few weeks.  She's so excited about the ice skating class...I couldn't enroll her before because she wasn't potty trained. 
  • With this warmer weather we've been having I've had to pull out some of Lexi's shorts from last summer.  One pair of capri's fits her perfectly...they are size 18 months.  Yes, my almost 3 year old is wearing 18 month shorts and capris...and 4T shirts
  • I ordered a birthday shirt from Etsy for her.  It should come in the mail this week as it was shipped on Thursday.  I will post photos as well as the shop owner's link once I get the shirt.  I'm so excited!


Mo and Will said...

sounds like there is a lot going on. a lot of normal mom stuff - which is awesome!! yay for lexi getting to take her iceskating class!! maybe you will post pictures? (hint, hint...)


Anonymous said...

I hear ya on the hot. Isaac has been sleeping in a onesie for a week-of course that is because I have zerO summer PJ's as he was a September baby.

I also want to order one of those t-shirts for him for his birthday and photos!!!

Mazzy said...

I love this unseasonable warm like crazy!! Makes me feel alive!

For what it is worth, we pulled out last year's shorts and they fit ok as well. She needs to length in pants (size 4!!) but I always have to cinch up the waist. I am SO THANKFUL for places that have those built in belts. Skinny girls!! If only I could eat hot dogs and cheese every day and be so thin.