Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Food explosion

I wanted to capture this last Lexi seems to have had an epiphany...that there is more food out there than mac n cheese.  In this past week she's had:

Meatballs with her spaghetti (could NEVER even THINK of putting a meatball on her plate)
Garlic bread
Fish sticks (specifically requested by her)
Fried calamari (yes, I know, fried foods aren't great for a toddler, but you don't realize how little she the fact she ate this is a feat)
Fried broccoli
about a pound of steamed broccoli
Sweet potato tater tots
Lettuce with ranch dressing
chicken wing

We've eaten out alot this past week...mostly because we were sick over the weekend and didn't grocery shop.  Normally all she wants is mac n cheese.  But she's trying new things...which I'm so happy about.  We would always offer her whatever we had on our plates, but she always fought it.  Now, we can't keep her hands off our plates.  You have no idea how happy this makes me. 

**Lexi is only 27 pounds at 5 weeks shy of 3 years old.  She's not underweight by any means...but she's at the low end of the growth curve for her height of over 36 inches.  She needs size 3T length in jeans...but they literally fall off her.  I buy the adjustable waist, and cinch them all the way to the last button holes.  Even then they are big...but at least they don't fall down.  And now, since she doesn't wear training pants or a diaper, they are even bigger.  She needs suspenders!

I'm hoping this new found love of food adds a pound or two to her tiny frame!


Anonymous said...

I heard it said kids can control only two things in their life--what goes in them and when and how it comes out of them. LOL. I'm also of the camp--you will eat when you're hungry and apparently she is :)

Mazzy said...

Go Lexi! Glad she's branching out some. I worried about L for a while because after having been a baby who would eat ANYTHING, she went through a terribly picky phase and I couldn't get her to eat squat either. Funny how they have minds of THEIR OWN! Who woulda thought?