Monday, February 6, 2012

Potty Training

We've never really pushed Lexi to potty train.  The potty was introduced to her at about 18 months old.  She'd sit on it and read her books...but we never forced the issue.  About a month or so ago, she became #2 trained.  She would always make poo poo on the potty...either because she asked to go, or we caught her with "the look" and got her on the potty in time.  It's been quite awhile since we've dealt with a dirty diaper.  But still, we never pushed her to use it.  Over the last few weeks, however, we've seen some signs that maybe she was ready for a "push". 

On Saturday morning I decided to go for it.  Hard core.  No more diapers.  She stayed dry all day...and made potty in the potty.  She had an accident about 7pm...and was quite upset about it.  Yesterday, same thing.  Dry all day.  She refused to put a pull up on last night.  She wanted her "big girl underwear".  I didn't want to confuse her, so I let her wear her underwear to bed, fully expecting to be woken up at 2am when she was wet.  She woke up at 8am...completely dry.

She's at school today.  And I took 3 extra pairs of underwear and pants and socks...just in case.  We'll see how well she does.  But I'm in shock.  ONE 2 full days.  And we even went out to a few stores on Saturday.  Makes me feel a little bad...that maybe she was ready all along and just waiting for me to "be ready" for this grow up stage.  I do feel a little sad that she's growing up...and so fast...but I will NOT miss buying diapers. 

One question I do have for does your little one get up on the potty?  We haven't been able to find a stepstool that is the "perfect" height.  One is too tall and one is too small.  


Anonymous said...


Isaac is only 4 1/2 months old and I already know what you mean about growing up way quicker than we're ready for!

Anonymous said...

that is awesome!!! Though it's liberating, it can be a hassle - especially when you're in the middle of something, like half undressed in the dressing room and she says "mommy, i haffa go potty!!"

We use a bench that my grandfather made me, it's a little too high, but at least they can get up on it!!

Denise said...

We have two of the talking Elmo potty seats that have a cover so it can be used as a stool. Our kids never used it to go potty, but with the lid on it is the perfect height for them to get up on the big potty.

Mazzy said...

Go girl!! That's awesome she's doing so great. I am a bit late but it took me a bit to find the proper step. There is a baby bjorn one at Target that is the perfect height for L! Hope things keep going smoothly for you.