Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm boring

I must be the most boring person alive. I've again let this blog slip. Another week and a half has gone by without any posts...and I fear that I've lost the readers I did have.

I started my new job on the 14th. I both love it and hate it. I love it for all the obvious reasons...I work from home, pay is excellent, benefits are good, people are nice, products are interesting to learn. But I also hate it because this company is rather new. 2 years new. Well, 2 years this summer...Lexi is older than this company. And like any new company they haven't ironed out all the kinks yet. The corporate directory is almost non existent...so finding anyone is difficult. They have multiple platforms and it seems that there is not one person who has access to all of the platforms...which completely flabbergasts me since those platforms contain information essential to our jobs. I'm also feeling a little lost. At my old job, I was the go to person...the knowledgeable one. I knew how to navigate inside that global company...but here, I don't know anything...it's a smaller company and I can't figure out how to navigate it.

I'll be honest and say that I'm also missing the daily interaction with people. I miss being able to turn around and ask the person across the aisle what they do in such and such situation. I knew that I wouldn't have that when I accepted this position...but I am having a hard time adjusting to it. I know I've only been "on the job" for 6 business days. I'm still in training. I know this information will come with time...I'm just not a very patient person when it comes to my career.

On a seperate note, Lexi's 2nd birthday party is April 3rd. We are having it the week before her actual birthday so we can celebrate with just her and DH and I on her actual special day. I'm having alot of conflicting emotions about this birthday. For her 1st birthday I was excited and happy...this time around I'm a little melancoly. She's really becoming her own little person, and while I'm happy to see that, I'm also sad because I know my days as her number one person are numbered. She's growing up at a rate too fast for my heart to handle. If you don't believe me, just look at this photo...

Tell me what about this says 2 year old??!! She looks so grown up in this photo, and so amazingly beautiful. I know I'm biased because I'm her mom...but I think she's stunning...I was just hoping for a few more "baby" photos.


s.e. said...

You haven't lost me.

I love seeing what photo you chose to post here after seeing the rest on FB. Your baby girl is stunning (it's not that you're biased) but she is still your baby.

Hope navigating the new company gets easier!

Jen said...

She is gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm still here too!

She is gorgeous. A perfect match for my little man. They would have GORGEOUS kids of their own. With those big beautiful eyes they both have...

Working from home is rough. When Dean first started, I would come home and ask if he wanted to run to Target with me and then he would skip and run with the buggy he'd be so excited to be OUT. WITH PEOPLE. It's taken a toll on our relationship too as I am the only adult he "sees" on a regular basis. Definitely keep up with your mommy friends, have playdates, go out, something to see other people. :)