Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy 23 months baby girl!

Dearest Alexis,

I can't call you a baby very much longer because you are in fact not a baby. You are an amazing little girl. I marvel each and every day that you are ours. I still get weepy thinking about how blessed I am to be your mama.

You are using your words more everyday. But still don't use them spontaneously. You will mimick us. Your speech therapist says you're getting better...and I see it. You have an appointment next week with an ENT to assess all the structures in your mouth, just to be sure there aren't any problems keeping you from speaking normally. You are also getting a hearing test. Also, just to be sure.

I can't beleive that we are going to be celebrating your 2nd birthday in less than a month. Where did the time go? How did I miss you growing up so fast? The good news is that I won't miss anymore of you. I will be here for you, when you start preschool...when you have your first soccer game or ballet recital...even when, God willing, that first boy comes calling. I'm so very excited and happy that I get to share those moments with you.

You are my everything. My miracle baby. My strength. It's because of you that I continued to look for better options than a 4 hour commute. I love you more than I can ever express.



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Infertile Abbie said...

That's a beautiful letter. She's growing up so fast!