Thursday, May 13, 2010

Poop watch

Yep...I am on poop watch. Lexi started the Miralax on Monday night. So she's had 3 doses. Tuesday...nada. Not one nugget. small poop, hard but not as bad as before. Still white. Then again yesterday, one very hard nugget. diaper with a few peanuts in it. THEN...the mother of all diaper loads. HUGE poop...NOT HARD...kinda pasty. YAA HOO! Never been so happy to see poop.

She'll still be on Miralax for a little longer, just to make sure things get all cleaned out. But she's SO happy now. You can see it on her face...she feels better.

Sorry all for the TMI post, but this is technically my "baby book" gotta write these things down!


Amanda said...

Hooray for good poop!

I completely get being excited about a good movement. Trip is on Miralax and has been for many months (and will continue for many more). He has an issue with constipation and due to that tries to "retain" it. Miralax has been a lifesaver!

I hope things continue to move well!

Jamie said...

Yay for poop!

Rotten said...

Ahhhh, yet another page they left out of the mom handbook. :) Poop watch... Chapter 500.