Monday, May 10, 2010

13 months

Dear Lexi,

Happy 13 months sweet girl!

This has been a trying month for us. We switched from formula to whole milk...not a huge issue, you like the milk. But you're having poop issues. It's been awhile since you've had a normal movement...and I'm getting nervous...since things are kinda snowballing. You can't poop...except small little hard "pellets" you won't eat very much...which means you wake up at night hungry for milk...which means you're not getting enough sleep...which makes for a cranky, whiny girl.

I've called the pedi last week...we were trying prunes and prune juices...which resulted in one semi normal movement. But I can't feed you prunes everyday. So I called again find out how much Miralax you should get. I mean you're drinking 32 - 40 oz of milk/juice a day. It's not that you're not getting enough liquid.

OK...just got off the phone with the nurse. The switch to whole milk is most likely the cause of the constipation. 1/2 cap of Miralax per day. Adjusting as needed until stools are like "pudding" (sorry readers...but need to write it down). We'll start tonight. Anything to make your tummy feel better.

On a different note, you're walking VERY well. Running almost. You still can't get to a standing position without holding onto something, but that will come with time.

You say the following words, "mum", "ba" for your bottle, "woof" for the doggie, "bahhhzzz" for balloon. You know that the cell phone goes to your ear, and that the comb is for your hair. You know where your feet are, and that the shoes go on them. You tried to put your shoe on mommy yesterday! You are a great helper when it's time to get you dressed, you know where your arms and head go on the shirt, and try to put it on yourself.

Tigger and Curious George continue to be your favorite "lovies" and you LOVE your pink coupe car! You will open and close the door, get in and out for almost 30 minutes!

That's all I can think of right now!

Other than I love you more and more each day!




Jess said...

My daughter's pedi told me not to give her more than 20 ounces of whole milk a day b/c it could cause constipation. I don't know how much milk you are giving Lexi but maybe that will help

s.e. said...

Someday, when Lexi is an adult, she will read this, realize that you even stressed over her pooping, and know that you were a great mother.

It shows.

kimbosue said...

Crazy how alike our 2 are! He is walking like crazy too! Saying all kinds of "words" and is going straight from sitting to standing without holding on.

How far away are you from Houston?: -)

Jamie said...

No - please share any and all poop advice! When we very first started solids, Skeeter went three days without a poop. I was a wreck!!