Monday, April 19, 2010

On the go

Sorry I haven't posted about Lexi's birthday yet. I have a post ready, but I'm waiting to get the pictures from my sister. I should have them tonight.

Lexi had her 12 month well visit on the 13th.

She's 20lbs 1.5 oz (just below 50%), 31 and 3/4 inches (95%). Tall and lean. I'm jealous. LOL. The pedi wasn't concerned about her barely 1lb weight gain since 9 months...he said she's much more active so she's burning what she's eating. If she loses weight, he'd be concerned. We talked about Lexi's poop issues (constipated) and he said NO MORE FORMULA! Apparently, the formula can be the source of the constipation. Too many nutrients in the formula along with all the solid food she's eating. So whole milk for her. I have to admit, I didn't completely stop giving her formula yet. She still prefers it over the milk, so we give it to her at bedtime and when she's really upset. So we're down to maybe 2 bottles of formula a day.

Next issue is just that. Lexi is still using bottles. We've tried every sippy cup in the stores...she won't drink from them. They end up on the floor. I haven't been able to teach her how to suck from a straw (how the hell do you do that anyway?) so those "cups" are out. She will drink from the cup directly IF we hold it for her. And will drink water from the water bottle. The pedi again says not to worry...some kids go directly to cups. We're still trying.

She's walking. Right before her birthday, she took 2 steps independently from me to my mom. Then she wouldn't do it again. Then, last week, she just decided she would let go of the ottoman and walk over to her toys. By herself. She looks like frankenstein when she walks (arms out, legs still a little stiff) but it's amazing. I can't believe she's walking!

Personality wise...she's becoming more independent. She wants what she wants and she wants it NOW. She knows how to use her voice and screams/crys when she's angry.

No real words yet. She ma ma ma ma moms all the time, but I'm still not sure she connects what she's saying to me. Though she understands. We ask her where her balloon is and she looks at it up on the ceiling. She trys to say balloon but it comes out as "ba zzzzzz". She also has a Curious George stuffed animal. We tell her to go get George and give hugs and kisses, and she'll stop what she's doing and go over to where George is and give him a big open mouthed kiss and hug. That's her new thing. She loves giving kisses. Even to the dogs...right on their snouts! Very cute.

I picked up a potty seat for her yesterday. Now before I get flamed here, I don't plan on trying to potty train her yet. We bought it and it sits in the family room right now. I want her to be used to sitting on it so that when the time comes, she's not afraid of it. Though I probably could try to start her now, as it's VERY obvious when she's pooping and we can sometimes tell when she's going to go pee (body language), I'm just not ready for it. My baby is hitting all kinds of milestones and I'm not ready to add one just yet.


Photogrl said...

Long and lean...sounds like my Miss O. I'm jealous, too!

Yay for walking!

Can't wait to see pics of the party...

Mel said...

Awww, sounds like she's doing GREAT! So big! It took us a few tries with whole milk, too, but now she is ADDICTED. I am sure you tried them, but we found Nuby's cups to be the best. I started her with a regular sippy and now she is on the one that has a straw in it. Good luck finding one that works--you will!

Jamie said...

Our pedi suggested giving Skeeter a cup of water in the bathtub just to get him used to the idea of drinking out of a cup. So far, he doesn't care a bit about the cup. So I can easily see us at our one year appointment with bottle in tow, no cup in sight. SIGH. I guess we'll figure it out eventually!