Thursday, September 24, 2009

Talking and Pictures

The content previously here has been removed.

In other news...Miss Alexis, at 23w5d has cut her first tooth! I had NO idea she was teething. She chews her hands and drools alot...but she's been doing that for months and the ped said she may just like to suck her hands the way some babies like to suck on a paci (since she doesn't take a paci). She wasn't overly cranky at any point, but last night I happened to feel her gums and could FEEL the tooth, which had already broken through the gum! It's on the bottom left side.

My little girl is growing up so fast!


Lisa RM said...


Lynn said...

I pray you'll find a way soon to talk to your DH and tell him how you're feeling. Its very important that the two of you bond again and evenly distribute all that has to be taken care of. If he gets home before you, then he should pick up some of the extra home stuff. I pray it works out for you {{hugs}}

Congrats on Alexis' new tooth!


Delenn said...

Sorry life is sucking right now. I know Dave Barry used to say that men just do not "see" dirt. They just don't see it unless you point it out to them. Perhaps a duty list would be good?

As for how to talk to him--we have set up a "Family Discussion Night" once a month or so to discuss the State of the Family. Any discussions on chores etc. are done in a meeting/objective manner. You could explain that this is a good way to integrate the baby into your household...

Good luck!

Denise said...

She has so much hair!

Good luck with the talk. It is always hard to come across as objective when you have so much at stake.

Kari said...

What a beautiful little girl!! I hope you and DH find a way to reconnect.


April said...

Your daughter is beautiful!


Photogrl said...

A tooth, already!?!

Love the pictures!

KimboSue said...

Yeah for teefies!!
Love the sugar shirt!