Tuesday, September 29, 2009

PWP or move

I was reading Kate's latest post regarding privacy and it got me thinking. Well, I've actually thought about it alot since Lexi's birth. I know I have some anonymity, but not alot. If anyone IRL saw Lexi's photo, they would obviously know whose blog this was. I'm also concerned about someone stealing Lexi's photo and posting it somewhere else. I've heard horror stories about people finding their child's photo on adoption sites and other places. And while I generally see the good in people, and have been lucky thus far, I'm not sure I want to "play with fire".

I'm thinking about either going private here, or moving to wordpress where I can password protect certain posts. I know I have a few readers and some subscribers...so give me your suggestions. Should I go private here? Or move to wordpress?


Trish said...

I support whatever you think is necessary, but damn, I hate when people go private. I read everything in google reader and rely on it to tell me when tehre's something new.

s.e. said...

The google reader thing does suck but I believe I found a way around that and post updates to a public blog to announce my private posting. This way I think everyone is happy.

Good luck!

Dreamer4agift said...

I posted a comment on her post as well...I'm considering going private or to pwp at wordpress (I have an account there but never started anything)....Do what's right for you and I'll follow either way:-)

KimboSue said...

Ditto the google reader problem. However I was actually debating the same last week. I read lots of articles comparing blogger to wp. The pwp is cool but you have no control over the HTML so you are stuck with the layout as is. And I think I would lose readers either way....so I don't know either.