Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sleepless nights

You may think that Lexi is the reason for the title of this post...and she is, but not for the reason you'd expect. The last 3 nights, Lexi has slept at least 8 hours...but mom didn't. Sunday she slept from 8pm - 4am. Monday was 9pm - 9am. Tuesday was 8pm - 7am. Awesome sleeping. For her. Not for me. I still woke up at 2:30am each night. My body's internal clock knows that 2:30am is about the time she would wake up to eat. So while I woke up and laid in bed wide awake, Miss Alexis was snoring away in her crib! Maybe if she keeps this up, my internal clock will adjust back to sleeping through the night! I can only hope!

Lexi also cut another tooth. So now, you can feel the sharp tops of both bottom teeth! My goodness!

She goes for her 6 month check up on the 14th of October (can you believe tomorrow is October 1st already!!).

On a different note, I think I may be moving to Wordpress. I'd like to be able to PWP some posts and Blogger just doesn't give me that functionality. So my question is for anyone who has made the move to WP...once I import my posts to WP, does that mean they are gone from Blogger? Or will they be on both sites until I take Blogger down? I'd like to play with WP before "going live" but I don't want to impact this spot too much until then.


Dreamer4agift said...

I'd like to hear from others about WP, since I'm considering the same thing. I hate to leave blogger, but I feel like I need to not have my inlaws reading every piece of my life.

Yay for another tooth! And congrats on the sleepy nights (even though sleepless for you).

Kate said...

I've been thinking about doing that, too, given recent events,,,,

Delenn said...

Considering same move, but I have no clue on how to do it...Please let me know if/when you move, cuz I would love to keep following you and Lexi!

She is growing by leaps and bounds!

Anonymous said...

Here from LFCA.
When you import your posts from Blogger to WP, they stay on Blogger unless you take the blog down. (You can see mine at and at If you keep posting on Blogger during the transition, you can import your Blogger blog to WP multiple times, and it will just grab the new posts. If you want to design a completely original template, you will need to pay for a blog, which allows you to make changes to the code. The free offers many templates with customizable headers, where you can put in your own design. You can also play around quite a bit with the sidebar features, depending on which template you choose. I just did the switch myself this summer, and I'm very happy with WP. Feel free to email if you have questions!