Friday, May 8, 2009

4 weeks

I'm finally able to post a "week" post on the actual day! Lexi is 4 weeks old today. The last 28 days have passed in a flash of diapers, formula, pumping and no sleep. But the reward is huge. I love my little girl to pieces. She's everything to me.
Lexi is starting to fill out. She now has chubby baby thighs and cheeks. Newborn clothes actually fit her! No more premeeie clothes!! And she has a few more periods of alertness during the day...I so look forward to those times. She loves her swing and bouncy seat...but HATES to sleep on her back. She will roll herself to her side to sleep. And I can always put her to sleep by lying her on her tummy on my chest.
Here are some pics of Lexi taken today...

I know these are involuntary smiles...but they still melt my heart!!

Hangin in my bouncer!
Hello internets!

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Kymberli said...

She is absolutely adorable. I can see that you make her every bit as happy as she makes you!