Sunday, May 10, 2009

1 month

Today, Alexis turns one month old. She's getting so big and changing everyday. I love watching her sleep. She makes the cutest faces, from grimaces and smiles, to sticking her tongue out and sucking her cheeks in to make a fish face. She had a bath yesterday. I had previously been giving her sponge baths in her little tub, but it was hard to do and I was afraid I'd drop her, and she'd scream the whole time. So last night, I filled our tub about a quarter way and got in, DH then handed me Alexis. We had NO TEARS! She seemed to really like being submerged in the water (I wonder why??). And it was SO EASY to wash her. I was able to lay her on my thighs for support of her body and just hold her head. I didn't feel like I'd drop her. She actually arched her back so that the back of her head was in the water. Not sure if it was voluntary or not, but it was cute. And she was happy. The only tears came when we took her out. I've found a new way to bathe my least during the times when I have time to take a bath with her!

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JJ said...

Happy 1 month baby girl!