Monday, June 16, 2008

We're moving forward...

finally. The IVF Coordinator from my clinic called me today. I completely forgot that she was supposed to call. I'm glad she remembered. My RE does want me to come in for a consult, but more of an abbreviated version. Just to talk about protocols and sign the legal forms. I also need to have my GYN fax my PAP results along with a note stating that, despite my HPV diagnosis and mild cervical dysplasia, that I am clear to cycle. So July 2nd, 9:30am. DH will have his blood drawn for the communicable disease testing...and if AF shows up right before that, then I can get my CD3 BW & US out of the way and start BCP. Could it be? Would the planets align just right to allow us to get everything accomplished in one visit? Since I'm highly pessimistic, I say no.

This weekend was nice. Saturday, I put together some new outdoor furniture...DH put up the patio umbrella and strung lights on it. It looked really nice as we sat out Saturday evening. But then we forgot to close the umbrella and early Sunday morning the wind gusts reached about 60 miles per hour and snapped said umbrella's metal post in two. No more umbrella.

We had our parents over for Father's Day. We also invited the parents of a friend we no longer talk to. DH and I had a mutual friend in high school who is now estranged from his parents. They don't get to see their grandkids very often and I know it really hurts them that their only child has gone on a destructive path. They've done everything they could, as have his friends, but he has chosen his course. Anyway, halfway through the day, we got hit with another thunderstorm. Have I told you I'm TIRED OF THE RAIN??!! But after it passed (like 15 minutes later) it cleared up and it turned out to be a very nice evening.

I'm so proud of myself...since joining the Braces Bunch, I've only sent out 4 postcards...but today, I just mailed 7 cards. Not postcards...but cards. I've caught up with alot of my blog reading, so I'm hoping to stay up to date. Those of you who don't know what Braces Bunch is...check this out.

I now leave you with a beautiful Midwestern sunset. Don't mind the light poles or was taken in a Men.ards parking lot. But if you use your imagination, you can find yourself in a tropical destination.


Fertilized said...

GREAT news on the cycle start!

And that is a gorgeous sunset

Still Standing Strong in A Bloom of Hope. said...

Found you on Womb for Improvement's blog ... we have the same Infertility Hurts blinkie and yahoo avator.. :)

GL for moving forward and sending you positive vibes your way!

Jen said...

I'm way behind on my Braces Bunch stuff too. But you sent me the first card I ever got!

Anonymous said...

How pretty!

Sounds like you have had a great weekend!

WOW on getting ready to cycle! That is AWESOME!!! Good luck! Be sure to keep us updated on all the "mundane" daily grind stuff that goes along with it. You know how we are information hogs :)

Chelle said...

I know how it feels to be waiting for the "planets and stars" to align so that you can move forward. I have my fingers crossed that everything falls into place for you.

Sorry about the umbrella! Beautiful sunset though.