Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Green Thumb **Edited at bottom

First, Mini Vann has arrived! Go check out Farah's blog

I've never had a green thumb. Every plant I'd ever owned I've killed...even cacti. But I've had this one plant that I bought when hubby and I purchased our first townhouse in 2004 that I haven't killed...yet. So this year, I decided I would plant 3 rosebushes out in our front yard. I figured they would die...so imagine my surprise one day when I saw this...

I was SO excited I sent this picture to my closest IRL friends. I was even MORE excited the next day when it looked like this...

This is the only bloom so far, but there are many more buds on the plant. Even the other two rosebushes seem to be thriving...they have buds as well. I thought that maybe this change in luck with plants would resonate throughout the rest of my life, but it appears not.

I had gotten a call on Friday from my RE's office stating they had gotten MFS's letter and results and my next step is to schedule a consult. I called today, and the first available appointment is July 10th! I told the girl (she was the andrologist helping on the phone, J) that I really wanted to start with my July cycle which is due on the 1st. She said the notes on my account only indicate I need an IVF consult and that I hadn't been there since June of last year. I promptly informed J that was incorrect as I had been in for CD3 BW/US in January and have had a consult since then. So she transferred me to the nurse, K, whom I left a message with.

I really want to start in July. I haven't cycled since April/May 2007 and I just feel like every month that goes by is a missed opportunity. I'll update when K calls back.


So K called back and let me know that the RE's initial notes in my file indicated that I would need an IVF Consult only if I desired. Since I've already been through a cycle and know what is involved she doesn't think that I will need to do it. But the RE and IVF Coordinator are both on vacation this week. K will check with them on Monday and have them call me. So I may be cycling in July!!


Anonymous said...

Don't be surprised if your new bushes don't bloom this year. They may not do so till next. Like you I kill everythign too...but the darn rose bush that I planted in the wrong spot won't die. Urgh.

Hopefully the nurse will get you in so that you can cycle in July! That would be a great bonus!!!

Kate said...

Beautiful rose! I hope that you are able to cycle in july.

Anonymous said...

WOO HOO! That is GREAT! I can't believe they are both on vacation at the same time though...I would be pacing the floor waiting for their return!

Chelle said...

I hope that you can have a July Cycle! We can be cycle buddies :)

I have my fingers crossed. Pretty, pretty rose, BTW!