Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Frozen swimmers

In preparation for our upcoming cycle, DH went today to provide a sperm specimen that we will freeze. To answer a commenter's question...we are freezing a sample of sperm ahead of time because DH has poor morphology and really low counts. His last SA came back at 11 million sperm with only 3% of those being "normal". Plus, his SA's have been all over the place as far as counts. This 11 million was alot...he's been as low as 2 million. So we want to ensure that, should he not provide his best sample on the day of retrieval, that we have a backup so as not to repeat our last cycle performance.

I also received yesterday the clearance letter from my GYN to proceed with this cycle. See, because I was diagnosed HPV positive and with mild cervical dysplasia on my PAP last January, my RE wanted something from my GYN saying he gives me the green light to go ahead with this. I guess my RE doesn't want to take any responsibility should I get pg and develop cancer or something. But see, she's assuming I get pg.

I wanted to give shouts out to Jen, Mel, and JJ who all received BFP's this past week. Maybe some of that Braces Bunch luck will befriend me come the beginning of August.

Also, Jacki received some bad news today...go give her a hug.

Lastly, wanted to thank all my readers and commenters. You all mean the world to me, and I know I don't update this blog enough (hopefully, that will change now that I'm cycling again) but I really appreciate all those who continue to check back with me. Lots of love and ((HUGS)).

P.S. I've posted 11 posts in June...the most of any month since starting this blog. See, I'm getting better!

To answer Familyoftwo's questions:

I haven't talked to DH yet today to see if they gave him results...I doubt he'll have them today. Paul, the guy in charge, knows we will be doing ICSI this cycle. I guess they do the wash a little differently with ICSI than they would usually do. He will also be taking a small portion of the normal sample and freezing and thawing it to see how they survive the thaw. We will be sending my RE this frozen sample on ER day regardless. But I guess whether or not they use it is something I need to ask at our consult on the 2nd. Thanks!


Mel said...

things moving right along for you... i am thinking the very best for you, amy!

Anonymous said...

I know this is a delicate question...but how were today's results?

Now I know sperm is frozen as a "practice" but is there any risk to their non survival like there are to embryo's that are frozen?

Last one, will they mix the two samples together? Or will they only use this one if the next is poor?

Jen said...

It sounds like things are moving along nicely for this cycle!

Kate said...

Glad that you got your "green light"!

Jen said...

Glad to hear everything is moving forward!

And with my cervical crap, my OBGYN wouldn't release me to the RE until I had only atypia or whatever mild mildness it was (and my pap results, which the RE needed before IVF could start...) Both of them told me, they just wanted to make sure I was ok and didn't have cancer. I don't think they were worried about me getting pregnant, cancer and suing!

Fertilized said...

Good luck to you .. Glad you got the green light to Go!

Chelle said...

Everything is moving along.. that is great. My husband has low count, morph 4%. So we had a SA taken and a sample frozen for our upcoming cycle too.

I understand that they will only use the frozen sample if something goes way wrong with the fresh. Emergency only type of thing. They will pick and chose the best of that 4 % from the fresh sample ;)

seussgirl said...

Hi! Wishing you some of that "Braces Bunch luck"! I'm doing some catch-up reading on the new members, so I just wanted to say hello. :)