Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Movies, Movies

This past weekend DH and I went to see 2 movies...Baby Mamma and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Saturday was Baby Mamma...**SPOILER ALERT**now if you haven't seen the movie and don't want to know about it, skip the next paragraph.

I would have been ok with this movie if Tina Fey's character didn't have her miracle pregnancy at the end. I mean come on...she had a 1 in a million chance with ART and it just happened naturally? That was the thing that really upset me. I was ok with the story line up until that point. I was even impressed with their use of "transfer" v. "implanted" when speaking about IVF. Though the video showing the embryos landing on the uterine lining was a bit much for me.

Watching the movie with DH brought back all the emotions we've tried so hard to push past. The unsupportive family, the constant barrage of "the question" (When will you start having kids). It was an emotionally draining night. So much so, that the next morning, after some "intimate" time, I just started crying. I really have mixed emotions about cycling again. Physically, it's not hard on me...I respond well to the stims, didn't have much OHSS, didn't have any pain after retrieval or transfer. But emotionally, it kills me. And I'm scared to put myself through that emotional turmoil again. We're lucky enough to have some insurance coverage...but I'm always doing the what ifs.

Anyway, today is CD32 so I guess I'm just being hormonal. I should be getting AF any second now...but I don't feel anything. I guess I should go home and POAS to get her flowing...that always does the trick.


Fertilized said...

i skiped hte post -I haven't seen hte movies yet adn want to you. I am sorry you are feeling hormonal

Jen said...

I've been meaning to go see that movie. I've always liked Tina Fey.

Good luck with your POAS.

Dr. Grumbles said...

I blogged about the movie, too. How many moviegoers will now expect all infertile woman to get pregnant naturally as soon as they stop trying! AHHH!

When it was revealed that the surrogate preg was a scam - my heart sank, I felt like I was miscarrying all over again. It definitely had its good and point aspects.

BB and MTB said...

I've decided to avoid all movies dealing with pregnancy and childbirth. I bawled during Knocked Up and Juno.... so embarrassing. Good luck whenever you are ready to go again!

Amy J said...

It's amazing how the little things can set us off. Lately I seem to tear up over sappy commericials - especially if it's a dad/daughter having a sweet momement.

Keeping my fingers crossed that AF comes soon and that you can move on to your next cycle.