Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I've changed the layout and template of my blog...though if you're like me, you use Google Reader or some other feed and don't click over unless you want to leave a comment. Has anyone figured out how to leave a comment from Google Reader? Anyway, since I usually use the Reader to read posts, I don't tend to see every one's actual blog pages and pics/buttons. I was scanning around today and realized just how "boring" my actual blog page was. So I'm going to try to spice it up a little if I can. I'm hesitant about posting pics, though I did post my wedding pic a while back. I'll have to think about that one.

I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words regarding yesterday's post. At first, I really didn't feel any better about having posted it. But after reading the comments, and knowing that no one thinks of me as a dirty whore (well except my husband <8') ), I actually do feel better. In a "OK no one thinks any less of me" kind of way.

I'm sure some readers are thinking, I thought this was supposed to be a blog about infertility...well hopefully, I will be able to begin posting about my next cycle. DH has been on Clomid since September in the hopes of improving his sperm counts. Our next steps are to do another SA, and then start "banking" his sperm. My RE, in combination with his Andrologist, want us to bank sperm so that we have plenty to choose from when my next ER comes along. The problem we had last time was that nothing fertilized because they couldn't find "enough" normal sperm to use. Long story short, that's how we found out DH had a testosterone issue (why we didn't know this before is beyond me and I've given up that anger). So I'm hoping that in the next few months, I'll be able to relish you with my injection horror stories and hormonal emotions. Till then...thanks for tuning in!


Jen said...

It's a blog about anything you want it to be about!

JJ said...

Even though I use bloglines, I always click over to the blog--its a personal feel for me--just like knowing Im on YOUR blog.
Like the make over!
Its a good idea to do the sperm banking--Mook is having another SA next week, and we may look into doing the same thing.

Fertilized said...

I don't know if you watch dancing with the stars but i thought of bruno - the british judge- when you said dirty whore - followed by a kitty purr noise ;)

Love the new make over looks fresh. You know us infertility blogs are all over ht place and blog about under to bra fittings and back again! Post as you want ;)

Good luck with the upcoming cycles

Denise said...

From what I've read, I don't think it is possible to comment directly from Google Reader. It is a complaint I've read multiple times.

I'm glad you'll be moving forward soon and look forward to cheering you on!

Waiting said...

Love the new look! I don't know much about Reader, so I'm no help there.

Hooray for a new cycle!

P.S. If you haven't been invited to my blog, shoot me an email at waiting3307atgmaildotcom. I just made it private.