Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Unoriginal post title...

I can't think of anything original for the title of this post just yet...maybe I'll change it later, or not.
First order of business...FamilyofTwo posted about remembering our veterans this holiday season. I want to second this notion. Even if you don't agree with the war, please take a few extra minutes to send an additional holiday card to a wounded soldier at:
A Recovering American Airman, Soldier, Sailor or Marine
c/o Walter Reed Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20307-5001
Some may not get to spend the holidays with their loved ones and a small gesture from you will mean the world to them.

Second order of business...thank you to Jenna for the honor of the Flame of Fortitude...

While I'm happy to have the honor of your readership, I'm sorry that we all have these blogs to begin with. I started mine as a way to vent and put my feelings down, and also as a "memento", if you can call it that, of what DH and I are going through. I'd hoped to show it to my child some day. I've learned though, that the kinship I feel with those bloggers that comment here and those bloggers whose stories I follow, is more than a virtual feeling. I've come to hope with these people, to cry with them, get angry with them, feel happy with them and for them. They are more than just anonymous posters in the infinite blogosphere...from them I gain knowledge and confidence, learn to laugh again and know that it's ok to cry. So I nominate all of you for a Flame of Fortitude award. For without your willingness to share, many would be lost in the sea of infertility.


Fertilize Me said...

HERE HERE !! I am honoring you!

Familyof2 said...

Thanks for linking back :)

Its nice to know that even when people don't comment on an entry that they are still reading!

Thanks again!