Friday, November 23, 2007

My heart is crushed

**Warning - pg mentioned (not mine)**

My heart is crushed...I just found out that my cousin is pg with #2. Her DH let it slip to my future mom just called me to tell me. My cousin and I are 3 months apart in age...DH and I have been TTC #1 for at least a year before she tried. I was very supportive of her for the whole 3 months she tried to get pg right after going off the pill. They announced pg #1 one day before we left for Hawaii for my wedding. Took all the wind out of my sails then. Stole my thunder I guess you could say. I was very happy for her...even planned her baby shower...her DS is my godson and I love him dearly. But I'm so heartbroken right now that she's pg with #2 and I'm still trying for #1. It hurts so bad. My mom thinks they're going to announce it at Christmas...if they do I'll break out in tears right then and there. It's not fair. My heart is aching.


wifethereof said...

Yuck! I know how that feels. My dh's brother and his wife started trying after us over 4 years ago and their second just turned one. Of course they complain that second one took 5 WHOLE LONG months to conceive. My other SIL asked what it was like to "lose the race" to have the first grandchild. WTF? I didn't know I was even entered. grrrrrrrrrrrrr I'm so sorry. Might be a good time to be "sick" this X-mas.

Fertilize Me said...

OH GOODNIGHT .... annoucements such as these ...On Christmas ... C'mon. I am soooo sooo very sorry you are living this nightmare right now. Hugs to you

Jenna said...

Oh I'm so sorry to come here tonight and read this. What a horrible time for this to happen to you.... not that there is ever a good time, but this is just lousy!