Monday, January 13, 2014


Well, I didn't make it to my friend's on Sunday...I chose instead to make my little the "happiest girl on the planet" (her words). 

This is what we spent the weekend on.  We went "looking" again at beds on Saturday.  Happened upon this gem in the clearance center of a local store.  She loved it.  The price was right, so we got it and brought it home.  We weren't going to put it together...but Lexi successfully guilted Daddy into it.  So 90 minutes later, this is what we had. 

Saturday night was rough.  She didn't want to go to bed.  Kept making excuses about being hungry, thirsty...or needing a snuggle.  It finally came out that she was afraid of sleeping so high up.  I showed her how the guardrails keep her in the bed (made her roll over to the edge until she hit the rail) and told her mommy used to sleep on a top bunk when she was a girl (true story...just not until I was 7, which I left out).  Eventually, she fell asleep...90 minutes after her normal time.  And slept all night again!

Sunday was spent making this:

I took Lexi to the fabric store and let her choose a fabric for her "castle fort"...of course, she would pick the brightest pink.  I spent the afternoon pinning, ironing, sewing and hemming these.  She LOVES them.  I didn't think making 2 curtains would be so difficult...but it took me a few hours!  Originally I was going to use the grommet clips on the rod...but I sewed a little pocket and the tension rod slips right in.  I actually like the pink.  Her room is painted beige and all the wood work is white, so the pink brings a pop of color.  And I like how, when closed, you can't see the mess of toys back there! 

My next project is to take that brown chifrobe and sand it down and paint it white.  Then swap the brass pulls for the pink crystal looking ones.  Her room is slowly moving from a "nursery/toddler" room into a little girls room. 

So while I didn't get away...I did get to spend some time at my sewing machine (which I love) and see the look on Lexi's face when I was done. 


Familyofthree said...

Love it! Love the color too! Try again on the getting out of the house--it's tough to do but once you're out you will have a ball!

Anonymous said...

You are a great mama! I am sure she feels like a princess in there now....but wait, wasn't it supposed to be a month?? :)