Tuesday, January 14, 2014

7 nights

It was 1:15am when I heard the call...MOMMA!

And so ended our 7 night stretch of all night sleeping. 

She was back to sleep in 15 minutes...but now she has to start all over again.  She wants lights in her fort...well, she needs 7 more stickers in a row to get them.  I'm not budging on that.  I originally said one month of stickers before she even got the bed...but because we found it in a clearance center, it was cash and go.  It may not have been there in a month and this was $400 cheaper than anything else we'd seen.  DH is the one who caved to putting it together right away.

She wasn't happy this morning about not getting a sticker.  Even asking me not to take her bed back to the store.  I just told her that she needs to try again...and that she doesn't get anymore additions to her bed (lights, hooks etc) until she earns more stickers.  She promised me to try again.  But I think 7 nights in a row, for a kid who hasn't slept all the way through the night in MONTHS, is something to be proud of (hence her curtains).  I don't want her to think one slip up unravels everything (DH wanted to take away the curtains...I overruled that) and that when she "falls off the horse" she just needs to get back up on it and try again.

I'm proud of my girl.  This was a big change for her...and quite honestly, I didn't expect her to sleep through the night the first two nights she had the bed...and she did.  She can do this.  She just needs to believe in herself the way I do.


Anonymous said...

Be strong, mama!

Familyofthree said...

Compromise idea with hubby...if she doesn't sleep through for 7 nights THEN she looses the curtains, and gains them back after sleeping maybe 3-5 more :) So the consequences are for both wanted and unwanted behavior :) Just an idea...feel free to tell me I'm insane :)