Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Love these moments

It's 3am...and I heard the call from her room..."Mommma?  Momma?"  I pulled myself from my warm bed and trotted into her room. 

What is it baby?

I need you momma...

I pick her up and bring her to the lazy boy in the corner of her room...feel the warmth of her little body next to mine...feverish warmth.  We snuggle together on the recliner and she's soon fast asleep in my arms.  And I am transported back 4 when she was just a peanut in my arms.  Warm and squishy.  When I would look at her and marvel that she was mine.  IS mine.  That I was blessed with such a beautiful creature.

Still warm...but no longer squishy.  A big girl by day...but still my baby by night...when she still wants her momma to snuggle with her.  I still marvel at the miracle that is her. 

And while the nights were I'm more annoyed at being woken up at 3am are plentiful...there are times like this night when I sit with her, alseep in my arms, and let the time pass.  Just us.  Heart to heart.  Momma and daughter.  Together.  Peaceful.  And I'm happy to just be.

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Familyofthree said...

This so made me smile. I need to be reminded that these wake up calls are fleeting...