Friday, December 13, 2013

Back to normal

AF arrived yesterday...28 days after the last one.  Back to normal.  I guess missing in October was a fluke...I mean, I was thankful I didn't have her while vacationing...but still. 

Oh...and our Christmas tree fell over today.  Yep, was upstairs working when I heard a "whoosh" followed by a tinkling noise.  All the dogs were with I know none of them knocked it over.  My poor tree..I had just filled it with water so there was water and ornaments everywhere.  Oh, and have I told you that I'm allergic to said tree?  Yep, break out in hives after touching it.  So picking it up and repositioning it in the stand and cleaning up...yea, my arms are hideous.

Gotta love Friday the 13th!

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