Friday, February 1, 2013

Getting to know me

Sorry I've been absent from this place.  DH has been known to frequent my blog and I'm not comfortable being completely honest here anymore.  So any posts feel like a fib...but I'm going to try to be honest in this post.

  • Lexi is still sleeping in our room.  I've given up trying to put her to bed in her bed at night...sitting with her for over an hour waiting for her to fall asleep, only to have her come into my room 90 minutes later was getting tiring.  Now, she goes to bed in the toddler bed in our room and sleeps all night.  I don't care at this point.  She's sleeping...we're sleeping...
  • DH got a full time job...HALLELUAH! 
  • Above full time job means he is no longer attending counseling with me.  I'm trying to get him to go on his own...but it's falling on deaf ears.
  • Above full time job also means Lexi is back in daycare on Mondays and my mom is coming back out 2 days a week to watch Lexi...I have her while I work from home the other 2 days a week.  Thank the Lord for a flexible manager.
  • Things haven't been good between DH and I.  It's a wake up call when your counselor suggests a seperation. 
  • I don't know how to begin to have said conversation with DH as the suggestion came in a session he didn't attend.


Tina said...

I'm sorry, Amy. I'm really surprised that your therapist suggested a separation. I hope that things only get better for you.

You can always message me on IVFc or email me

Anonymous said...

Each journey starts with a single step. That is how the conversation will have to start. It's going to be a tough one, but you can do it. You're strong! Hugs.54

Tina said...

My husband and i are separated for 3 months and after more than a year of him not having a job. Things were bad for a year and a half before we separated and we are actually getting along better than we have in a long time. In my opinion the separation helps. The initial conversation is not easy, but there has to be a first step. I know easier said than done. I wish you all the best.

Delenn said...

It is hard to go through financial stress and emotional stress and have the marriage not suffer. And you guys have been hit with the double whammy of financial stress and infertility.

I hope that DH starts to understand the need for communication. I hope that you both are able to work this out.


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine hearing those words. Be strong and know we are here for you. XOXO