Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Modeling, part duex

I had responded back to the agency last week that yes we were still interested and no we hadn't signed with anyone else.  I received the below email this morning...

Thank you for your submission to XXX's Talent Agency Print Department and your request for representation. A response back to this address within 24 hours is suggested. We are very glad to see that you submitted and would like to reconsider Alexis after her look and presentation is developed further. However, at this time you did not submit adequate, professional material that our agency and the model/talent Industry requires-a composite card. The photos you submitted were perfect to raise our interest as a first step to begin this process, but In order to be strongly considered for a professional's audition with us, it is necessary to obtain up-to-date materials (NOT snapshots, studio portraits or amateur portfolio shots, shots by friends, family, students, cell phones, etc) that are marketable and meet industry guidelines. It is important for a new face to show strong camera presence in this "specific" industry-styled shoot so we can best evaluate if they are right for our roster and compare to other talent we currently represent. Being that you appear new and very serious about this, most parents prefer we refer them to a fashion/lifestyle photographer who is reliable and of quality. Would you like me to refer you to someone that we trust who can assist you with this development so we can reconsider Alexis or would you prefer to pursue this on your own and submit back to us when your new industry-necessary material is complete?  Please email back to this address within the next 24 hours and let me know if I can help point you in the right direction, answer some brief questions or if you received this email.

So they liked her...but want us to get a composite card done.  I have no idea how much something like that would cost.  Guess I'll be doing some research.

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