Thursday, August 9, 2012

First haircut

Lexi was blessed to have a full head of hair at birth...and it never fell out.  I love her's blond and curly.  But the ends of her hair...her original baby hair...was so tight in it's curl that it made combing it a horrible experience every morning.  I've known that it needed to be cut.  That we needed to get rid of the tight curls that made our mornings painful (quite literally for her).  But I couldn't do it.  Those locks had been with her since before she entered this world. (You can see her hair in ultrasound photos) 

Last Sunday, I had my mom, a registered cosmetologist, bring her scissors, and we did it.  Lexi was NOT a fan...she was unhappy that we were cutting her hair...but the promise of chocolate cake when we were done was enough to get her to sit still...sobbing, but still. 

In all, only about an inch was cut off...but already, this morning, it was evident that we did the right thing.  It was so much easier to comb this morning.  We actually had no tears.  I have that first lock that was snipped put in her baby book.  I just can't believe we've gotten to the point of haircuts!

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Familyoftwo said...

Having a boy, Isaac NEEDS his hair cut but knowing this and doing it are two different things. I keep putting it off until "next week" but by his 1st birthday it will need to be done. Sigh.