Thursday, May 24, 2012

What we've been up to

  • Mother's Day was nice.  I had breakfast in bed, courtesy of DH and Lexi.  We did dinner with our parents at our favorite BBQ joint named after a Famous Man.
  • We bought a pool.  Our HOA doesn't allow for permanent above ground pools, so we bought one of those Summer Escapes metal frame ones that comes down each year.  We put it on the side of the house behind the garage.  There was no grass there anyway, and it was the most level spot.
  • Lexi has already been in said pool, despite the water being ice cold
  • We are fostering a dog.  Our local Humane Society put a call out to their FB fans looking for a foster home for an Australian Shepherd that was in a kill shelter in Southern IL.  The Humane Society wanted to save him, but had no room for him.  Plus, he's heartworm positive.  So we offiered.  I couldn't have lived with myself knowing a poor animal would be killed and I had means to help.
  • This dog is AWESOME.  His name is Sammy and he's SO good.  He gets along with my 2 other dogs, and is GREAT with Lexi.  He listens well and hasn't gotten into any trouble (yet).  Plus, he's beautiful!
  • I wish we could keep him...but DH is adamant that we can't have 3 dogs permenantly in our home. 


Betty Rubble said...

I LOVE those pools! We had the ring topped one quite a few years ago-my only recommendation is get a bigger pump! It is WELL worth it!

Betty Rubble said...

Lets try again...

We LOVE those pools! We had the blow up ring one quite a few years ago. My only suggestion--get a bigger pump-you will not regret it!